“I See You” The Aspens

Holzwarth Historic site RMNP

Holzwarth Historic site RMNP

White walking around the Holzworth Historic Site in the Rocky Mountain National Park, I came across these Aspen trees.  The image of the eye popped out at me as if to say they were watching.  The white and black bark was so striking to me – it just called out to be noticed.

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Birches Abstract

Gold, red, putty colored Birch tree limbs in a sweeping U shape

Birches Abstract in Yellowstone National Park

‘Birches Abstract 352b’

It’s been too long since my last post. My part time passion has had to take a back seat for the past few months. I had set myself a schedule to post, along with other self assignments, but have only been able to accomplish a fraction of that.

Golden and red leaves against a blue sky, mix it up (almost literally) with a little white birch bark and this is the result. I know it’s not quite autumn yet, (but we are getting close) fall but couldn’t resist playing with the vivid colors.