Fourth Presbyterian Church


Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago Il

Taken in Chicago on North Michigan Ave.


Cable Car Memphis


Cable Car in Memphis TN

This past weekend my husband Jeff and I were in Memphis TN. Memphis is a music town -mostly the blues but it leans at times a little R & B and rock.

Jeff and I have enjoyed the blues since we met over ten hears ago and wanted to see what the home of blues would be like. This was actually our second trip, our first being 4 years ago as a concession to having to postpone a cruise.

That first weekend was in early May and happened to be (unbeknownst to us) the weekend that the city had its annual music fest. The fest brings many people to the city since there are some rather big bands that appear on the river front park. It has a reputation for being a bit of a muddy event since it often rains this time if year. This year was no different,

We went to the river front to hear the bands, thinking it would be mostly blues, but actually turned out to be more contemporary featuring Steve Miller band and Matt Nathanson were a couple of bands we were able to see. We enjoyed them but we were Anxious to hear some blues.

We spent saturday down on Beale St. This weekend the 2-4 block long Beale st area was blocked off and filled with people drinking and partying in the street Music was coming out of the bars – the bars offered drinks at open windows . It was a party atmosphere despite the near constant drizzle.
We wandered into a bar to sit and have a beer ( and watch the Kentucky Derby) when hunger got the best of us. an order of pulled pork nachos being delivered to another table Looked awesome. OMG they were great.

We had always planned to go back to see how much activity was there on a weekend that was not music fest weekend. Although there were not as many people, you would not say it was slow.  This weekend there were still many people wandering the streets with drink in hand and Beale street was closed off to traffic. I guess that is the norm. The bars and small alcoves featured an assortment of talents where you could wander in, sit down and enjoy the music, or just listen from the street.

The trolley cars are a feature of this town and a ride on them is required. There were also many horse and carriages available for a ride around town.  It’s a small town but, I think one with a bit of flavor.

My husband, being a foodie, had heard of a diner featured on ‘diners drive ins and dives’ that was at the end of the trolley route. The Arcade Restaurant is famous for their sweet potato pancakes. Hmmm delicious.  We were able to find the Rendezvous Restaurant that had evaded us last visit.  It sits in an alley just across for the Peabody Hotel.

It was a short weekend, but we had a good time.

Cable Car Memphis_0905_001a

Daily Herald – Tetons Photographers

Teton Photographers

This past Sunday one of my photos was featured in the Neighborhood section of the Daily Herald. This is a newspaper serving the DuPage County area in Illinois.  I’m so excited.

I have been a reader of the paper for some time and always took note of the featured photograph each Sunday. I often thought ‘I should enter that contest’. So I clipped the info on who to send entries to on several occasions. It took several months, but eventually I picked one of my favorites, along with pertinate info about it and sent it off.

It was a pleasant surprise when the journalist from the paper called to say I had won the contest.
This may appear to be a small accomplishment for many and it is true this is a regular feature, but being recognized by another is always a great feeling. For me this signified more. It was another small way I have recently ‘put myself out there’.  You see for those of us who are introverts, it is hard to ‘brag’ about your work or bring attention to yourself.  We are usually more comfortable remaining anonymous or blending in.  So my entry and subsequent win was for me, a mile marker and a step towards getting more comfortable with praise and acknowledgement.

Here is the link to the article along with the winning photos. : Warrenville photographer splits from the crowd m.dailyherald.comIt was afternoon when Donna Sizemore and her husband drove past Mount Moran in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park and were captivated by the majestic view.

Monochromatic weather

Ice Fern_bcr


Winter mostly seems like a time to hibernate. I don’t get out to photograph nature much in the winter, (I’d rather stay warm by a fireplace) everything seems dull and monochromatic. There can to, be interesting things to discover.

One of the first classes I took in photography many years ago was basic black and white. It was the second semester so we were in the midst of winter. Our class was to take field trip to a near by forest preserve. You can plan the date but not the weather – this day turned out cold and dreary. I was not entirely looking forward to sloshing around in the cold woods.

Black and white was the film of choice ( or more accurately film we were told to use), so capturing color in a bleak winter wasn’t the challenge. Part of our assignment was to look for form and contrasts that black and white would pick up. Other than that, we were to let our creative juices lead us.

After getting used to the cold, I found a stream, flowing slowly despite the many areas of still frozen water. The ice forms and shapes fascinated me. The problem of what to concentrate on was solved. I used up my allotted film cache in a short time taking different shots and angles of those ice forms. A couple became my favorites.