Birches Abstract

Gold, red, putty colored Birch tree limbs in a sweeping U shape

Birches Abstract in Yellowstone National Park

‘Birches Abstract 352b’

It’s been too long since my last post. My part time passion has had to take a back seat for the past few months. I had set myself a schedule to post, along with other self assignments, but have only been able to accomplish a fraction of that.

Golden and red leaves against a blue sky, mix it up (almost literally) with a little white birch bark and this is the result. I know it’s not quite autumn yet, (but we are getting close) fall but couldn’t resist playing with the vivid colors.


Monochromatic weather

Ice Fern_bcr


Winter mostly seems like a time to hibernate. I don’t get out to photograph nature much in the winter, (I’d rather stay warm by a fireplace) everything seems dull and monochromatic. There can to, be interesting things to discover.

One of the first classes I took in photography many years ago was basic black and white. It was the second semester so we were in the midst of winter. Our class was to take field trip to a near by forest preserve. You can plan the date but not the weather – this day turned out cold and dreary. I was not entirely looking forward to sloshing around in the cold woods.

Black and white was the film of choice ( or more accurately film we were told to use), so capturing color in a bleak winter wasn’t the challenge. Part of our assignment was to look for form and contrasts that black and white would pick up. Other than that, we were to let our creative juices lead us.

After getting used to the cold, I found a stream, flowing slowly despite the many areas of still frozen water. The ice forms and shapes fascinated me. The problem of what to concentrate on was solved. I used up my allotted film cache in a short time taking different shots and angles of those ice forms. A couple became my favorites.

What Goes Around

Birches in the Round_352a-1_0509_12x12-1Hmmmm,  My first sale right on the heels of a purchase I made on another site.  I have been so wrapped up in getting my prints completed and up for sale I completely forgot to look at what others have to sell.  While browsing I found something that I had been looking for a few months.  I instantly made the purchase and just a few days later – my first sale.  Made me stop and pause.  Things are starting to stir.

Birches in the Round_0509_352a


Maple Leaf 014b

Maple Leaf 014b


I sat down at my computer tonight not really knowing what I wanted to accomplish.
I have lots of file maintenance to do but i decided to look for a few images to work on.

I found a couple of photos of leaves I had taken on a lit background. I started out with a technique I had been using for other images, but this time I added another layer and did my usual manipulation to the layer. Wow, that was an interesting effect.
Excited, I stared on another image.

I’m going to try to apply the technique I discovered on other images and see what I come up with.

The flower experiment

Orange summer abstract flower 006

Orange summer abstract flower 006

The latest series of photos are based on flowers. Although they might not be readily recognized as such, there are definite flower parts.
I started out with a specific idea and technique that actually turned out quite well on a stand of trees. I turned that same technique on a single flower, added a few twists, with a result that I was rather happy about.
A few of the final images were not all that I had hoped they would be nor had the impact I was looking for. Those shortcomings made me tweek a few things, add another element or two to come closer to what I wanted to see on the screen.
Those I really liked I Printed on Kodak Endura metallic paper, which really makes them pop.
I’m still making some changes here and there and have some ideas about future elements that I want to add.