Photography has long been a love of mine, one that has sometimes been neglected but always just patiently waiting there for my attention

I obtained my first camera about 25 yrs ago – a Nikon FG.  I still have it, though it is now in the closet.  I took a few classes on basics, design, lighting and darkroom development and decided that I liked it.  Black and white was what I especially gravitated towards, but that may have been due to the fact the all the class work was required in black and white.  It still has a more  artistic feel for me,  but  I cannot deny the impact of color.  I like both.

When digital came out, I was dead set against it.  Digital was the ugly step-child of film.   But as time went by and the cameras became more advanced, I embraced it.  I found that I did not need a wet dark room (I had only be set up for B&W and the cost could get pricey), but could easily ‘develop’ my photos on my computer.

I had started out with a ‘snap shot’ digit and used it primarily for the usual snap shot uses and used my Nikon film camera for more artsy endeavors.  My very loving husband then bought me my first ‘real ‘ digital camera with interchangeable lenses and  I was excited at the possibilities.  It was  much more like my old film with so much more, that I forgot about film entirely.   He has since upgraded me to me latest Nikon 700.  WOW.

But I found I printed far less than with the film.   All that picture taking ( I like to take pictures of nature mostly since the introvert in me inhibits me with  people) and they mostly stayed on my computer, patiently waiting to be set free.  Eventually  I decided to enlarge some for my home (I had contemplated buying a few prints from a friend but had decided that what I had was better).  So some were enlarged for my home, some given as gifts, some went in to books of my trips.    But I wanted more.  I have this desire to have them ‘out there’ and be seen by others and that is where this story begins.

My plan is to add  photos periodically and tell a story about it – what motivated me, what inspired me etc,  however thin that may be – It may only be that I thought it was cool.


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