Old San Juan Street Scene

Cobbled street lined with cars and tall buildings in pastel shades of lavender, green and yellow

Street scene in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Old San Juan is a town filled with old buildings with interesting textures and colors. The textures were especially interesting to me.

‘Old San Juan Street 0032hdr’

Rocky Mount Night Sky


Night Sky in the Rocky Mountains

A couple of days into our trip to Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park, on a clear cloudless night, we decided to drive into the park to look at the stars.   Living in Chicago the city lights prevent you from seeing too many  stars, but the Rockies promised to hold more. We were not disappointed.  The park is so dark and driving in late at night seemed very odd.  We were not the only people driving thru the park tho.  While we star gazed there were quite a number of cars that passed us.  You could see them snaking down the mountain as they approached.

This shot was 84 seconds long.  It was a stab in the dark (no pun intended) to know just the right exposure.



Holzwarth Historic site RMNP

Old bars, buildings and such have become very interesting to me thanks to my husband Jeff.  I was always more interested in the scenery, the trees, waterfalls etc ( I still am ) but he taught me to look at and wonder about old structures.  What was the story?, what happened here?, what was life like?.  I have come to appreciate the beauty of these old structures and the artistic elements they exhibit as they move away from usefulness and closer to being reclaimed by the earth.

This shot was taken at an Holzworth Historic District in The Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was the outhouse used at the site where John Holzworth Sr settled with his family in the early 1900’s.  Walking around the site made you appreciate the nature and fortitude of those settlers.

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“I See You” The Aspens

Holzwarth Historic site RMNP

Holzwarth Historic site RMNP

White walking around the Holzworth Historic Site in the Rocky Mountain National Park, I came across these Aspen trees.  The image of the eye popped out at me as if to say they were watching.  The white and black bark was so striking to me – it just called out to be noticed.

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